This is my notebook for things I’m learning about setting up and running a LAMP stack. In the past I’ve learnt stuff, used it, forgotten it.  I’m hoping by documenting my discoveries firstly it’ll help commit it to memory faster, and make it easier for me to pick it up again in the future.  If anyone else finds it useful, all the better.

Please bare in mind this is just my notes as I learn things, some of it may not be entirely correct, some may be a little naive and some may not suitable for production environments.


1 thought on “About”

  1. Hey Andrew,

    Thanks for posting your OSX experience in the blog “MySQLdb, Python, MySQL and OS X: A match made in Satan’s bum”. It worked flawlessly for me. I have 64 bit MySQL running and the default 64 bit Python that comes with Snow Leopard.

    BTW, I’m exploring Google App Engine and Django as well. Sooooooo, sick of the Windoze box. LOL, I love the .Net tools, but the windoze box and marketing machine is killing me!

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